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Warsaw Pack 2024

Relive the Highlights: TREPKO’s Show-stopping Presence at Warsaw Pack! Dive into the buzz and excitement of TREPKO’s groundbreaking display. Explore our innovative packing solutions that wowed attendees. Stay tuned for updates on upcoming events as TREPKO continues to shape the future of packing. #TREPKO #WarsawPack #PackagingInnovation

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TREPKO’s Innovative Packaging Solutions at the Trade Fair At this year’s trade fair, TREPKO proudly presented our latest advancements in packaging technology, attracting the interest of industry leaders and attendees alike. Visitors had the opportunity to experience the cutting-edge features of our equipment firsthand, including advanced automation, eco-friendly materials, and versatile packaging options. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to transform packaging technology. #TREPKO #PackagingInnovation #TradeFairHighlights

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Pack Expo 2023

The PACK EXPO exhibition has come to an end. We are very pleased and express our sincere gratitude to everyone who visited the TREPKO stand. TREPKO’s participation in PACK EXPO 2023 has significantly contributed to the quality of the exhibition. Thanks to the constant pursuit of innovation and sustainable development, TREPKO has added an additional level of excellence to an already great event.See you at the next exhibitions!

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TREPKO has utilized their extensive experience and expertise to construct the most compact and hygienic Bag-In-Box line to date. By incorporating the latest technological advancements, we have successfully consolidated multiple machines that previously occupied a significant amount of floor space into a single frame. This new design occupies less than half of the original space required and offers a centralized point of operation, minimizing the risk of communication failures between machines. Additionally, the integration of a box erector eliminates the need for pre-erected...

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We are thrilled to announce that TREPKO recently unveiled our latest technology, the world’s first Aseptic Rotary Cup Filling and Packing Machine, at the prestigious INTERPACK show. This groundbreaking machinery revolutionizes the aseptic packaging process, providing immediate cup format changeover by the touch of a button, making it incredibly convenient and user-friendly. With an impressive 60% space reduction compared to existing solutions, TREPKO’s machine is perfect for optimizing production line space. The aseptic solutions employed in TREPKO’s...

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How to mix flavours in collective packaging quickly and effectively? Introducing our latest solution featuring robots.

A packaging line equipped with a tray forming machine, conveyors and flavour mixing robots is our newest product dedicated to companies looking for a way to improve efficiency and boost the attractiveness of their line-up on store shelves. Mixing robots allow you to quickly adjust your range of products to the changing expectations of customers and give you an edge over your competitors. This advanced packaging line from TREPKO will fit in any production line where mixes of flavours are packaged in bulk. We customise every line to the needs of each factory by installing and programming...

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