TREPKO’s 100 Series provides tailor–made and reliable solutions for the filling and closing of pre–formed containers. The rigid and proven mechanical design of the machinery within this series enables high speeds. The machines are built in a format of up to 10 lanes and are offered with double indexing systems which allows for either a fast format size change or a doubling of the machines output.


As standard and as with the entire range of TREPKO machines, the 100 Series is CE– marked and is built in accordance with all applicable European safety standards.

For whom?

An in-line and highly developed modular principle allows a competitive, detailed and thorough response to the exact request of the customer. The series caters for the most extreme needs whether these be demanding hygiene requirements, capacity requirements or the complex requirements of the product itself.



suitable for a variety of products, available for both cups and straight sided containers, quick size change, flexibility in design, multiple index options for different cup sizes


modular design to allow for customer bespoke layouts, manufacture and operation


integrated solutions for all the phases of the packaging process


tailor made solution


three levels of hygiene: Aseptic, Ultra Clean, Standard,

Technical data

Number of filler pointsDependent on customer requirements
Number of lanesDependent on customer requirements. Standard range comprises of 1,2,3,4,6,8 and 10 lanes, single or double index
Maxmum output (cups/h)Dependent on number of lanes and product being filled
Max. cup dimensions (mm)Up to 200 mm dia
Max. cup height (mm)Up to 130 mm
Power supplyDependent on machine configuration, typically 415V, 3 Ph + O + E, 50 Hz
Power consumption16 amp supply
Compresed air pressure7 Bar Clean Dry Air
Compresed air consumptionDependent on machine configuration

Machine options


  • CIP cleaning
  • sterile air cabin
  • vacuum cleaning
  • UV radiation
  • gas flush
  • sterilisation


  • stack feeding magazines for cups and lids
  • sledge magazine for foil lids
  • automatic volume adjustment
  • automatic weight adjustment

Product feeding

  • pre- and after-dosing
  • dry fillers
  • compensator
  • date marking


  • foil from reel
  • vacuum heat-sealing


  • modem
  • pick & place unit


milk, cream, yoghurt, kefir, cream cheese, processed cheese, mousse, desserts, quark, cottage cheese, cottage cheese with fruit pulp, butter, margarine, jam, honey, mayonnaise, dressing, ketchup, sauces, caviar, salads, pâte, luncheon meat, lard, pet food, tvorog, quark, fromage frais, spreads, conserve, shortening

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