Cardboard skillet sealing solutions - sandwich series

Trepko developed three machinery solutions that suit various production requirements. These machines can cater for production requirements of between 20 and 100 packs per min.

1. Semi automatic 22S sealing machine tailor made to suit smaller production requirements. This machine requires an operative to load and remove the sandwich skillets before & after the sealing process. Quick – release assemblies are utilised to allow for swift changeover times.

2. The newly developed 412S and 422S twin lane machine is fully automatic and will dispense, erect and finally seal the cardboard skillets at an output speed of 60 packs per minute. Size change is simple with quick – release assemblies allowing for swift changeover times fir the various width skillets available.

This machine is also offered in a ‘dual index’ fomat which has an increased output speed of 100 packs per minute inline with fully automatic sandwich product equipment.

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