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Jul 2, 2019
Category: Fairs

The 5th TREPKO Conference & Exhibition 2019

Trepko Conference & Exhibition
10th - 14th June 2019
Trepko Conference & Exhibition Hall, Gniezno, Poland

C&E 2019 Gallery


The Trepko Conference, Exhibition & Training facility is one of the world’s largest permanent exhibition centres for filling and packaging machinery. From the 10th to the 14th June 2019, Trepko held its 5th tri-annual Conference & Exhibition which became a meeting point for visitors from all over the world. This was also a very special event as it coincided with the celebration of the 100th anniversary of Trepko's 'State-of-the-Art' Gniezno factory. To further enhance the event, Trepko collaborated with carefully selected and trusted partner companies who were invited to contribute to the successful exhibition.

The concept behind the Conference & Exhibition was to present all of the latest TREPKO solutions practically with the use of actual food products at full production speed. Therefore, the demonstrations were as close as possible to real-life production environments. The philosophy was to present and demonstrate the technical features of TREPKO filling and packaging machines and to inspire customers in creating new food products.

Customers visiting TREPKO were impressed seeing a practical presentation of TREPKO’s yoghurt filling lane with a capacity of 25,000 cups per minute, all packed into corrugated trays and palletized.

The TREPKO Group recently launched a number of new packaging solutions which were also presented during the Conference. One of the trade fair's main highlights were demonstrations in Bulk Filling with a New 600 Series Bag-in-Box Line filling product into 5Kg to 25Kg cartons. Another notable development was the launch of a new series of TREPKO machines. The 850 Series are specifically designed to fill and wrap butter, margarine and edible fats in various profiles and dimensions, e.g. sheets, plates, bars and bricks. The 850 Series of machines can pack products with a fill range of 1kg up to 25kg.

The conference and Exhibition was also the perfect time for TREPKO to showcase its much anticipated OEE System. The TREPKO OEE system can be remotely monitored and is a user friendly management tool, capturing real-time machine data to help improve overall equipment efficiency. The data collected facilitates optimal maintenance and planning by identifying and analysing key trends in machine performance. The visual data gives clear indicators, making it much simpler for our customers to diagnose efficiency issues. It also highlights the extent to which issues can decrease the machine efficiency and facilitates targeted maintenance, therefore bringing the machine efficiency back to optimal levels.

We received positive feedback from visitors to the 5th Conference and Exhibition of TREPKO Packaging Machines. This event was considered an excellent success for TREPKO Group. Trepko would like to thank all visitors and staff for their contributions in making the 2019 Conference and Exhibition an excellent success.