Producción y el Departamento de la Ensamblaje

All products offered by TREPKO meet the most stringent quality and hygiene requirements. Our experience, combined with machine flexibility, enables optimisation of solutions to suit individual client needs.

One of TREPKO’s most important assets is the constant enhancement of production culture and development of specialist machinery. Since 2002 the company has made large investments including the purchase of modern numerically-controlled machine tools, a water-jet cutting machine, our own anodising station, boring machines, lathes, a milling machine, and implementation of ERP/MPR II production management system.

Trepko’s water-jet cutting machine provides machining parameters that are unique Europe-wide. It is a numerically-controlled heavy-duty machine with which one can cut materials such as steel, aluminium, plastics, glass, marble, and even titanium, while preserving repeatability and precision of set parameters.

Depending on client requirements, Trepko’s Production Department proposes execution of friction welding jobs. The company’s machinery stock is equipped with a machine that enables welding of elements up to 50mm in diameter.

TREPKO utilizes machines which allow surface treatment of elements. One of the production stations is a ROTO-JET machine tool which is a machine designed for surface treatment using abrasive.

TREPKO emphasise the quality of all products they manufacture. The highly qualified staff in our Production and Assembly Departments makes it possible to meet any requirements of the client.

The Assembly Department is renowned for its skilled workforce. There are 14 professionally equipped stations where several machines are simultaneously run allowing a shorter lead time on purchase orders. The Assembly staff work in groups, specialising in various fields ie: machines for filling, closing, forming and wrapping, as well as end of line packaging. The staff complement one another among the individual assembly groups, this is best applied when creating comprehensive packaging solutions. Trepko’s Production and Assembly base allows not only to build all packaging lanes but also to test them. Each machine goes through a detailed exam before being shipped to end customer. The way of organising the labour ensures that all tasks are carried out with the greatest precision and accuracy.

Thanks to its modern facilities, Trepko offers a wide spectrum of services ranging from plain parts to complex solutions. The company operates in compliance with European and world standards,and guarantees both production and assembly services of the highest level.