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From the 4th February, 2012 we have extended our out-of-hours helpline to cover weekends and Bank Holidays between the hours of 9.00am to 5.00pm (CET).

This service will enable our customers to receive technical support regarding filling machines from our experienced engineers whether it is a technical question or diagnostic via a modem.

+48 697 003 307

(Please contact your local Sales Manager for current rates for this service)


Information for Regal Packaging Ltd. UK
and Meco Pack AB Customers

Regal Packaging Ltd UK and Meco Pack AB were taken over by the TREPKO Group in 2006 and 2008.

In 2006 Regal Packaging Ltd. the leading producer of the filling and closing machines in the United Kingdom was acquired. The name was changed to Trepko Ltd. Regal Packaging supplies the filling and sealing equipment for dairy, food and pharmaceutical industries. Regal Packaging provided the flexible and effective solutions and produced the complete systems for filling & closing of pre-formed containers and trays i.e. semi-automatic, rotary, in-line, carousel and sandwich sealing machines.

Meco Pak AB Scandinavia’s leading supplier of end-packaging machines was acquired in 2008 and the name was changed to TREPKO. Meco Pak AB specialized in end of line solution i.e. Palletizing System, Wrap Around and Tray Erecting Solutions.

All machines produced by Regal Packaging Ltd UK and Meco Pack AB are subject to Trepko Services ,which includes servicing of all parts, spare parts and replacement consumables.

All Clients of Regal Packaging Ltd and Meco Pack AB please contact the TREPKO Group by using the contact form.