PMG 10 - semi-automatic butter bulk packaging machine

The Trepko PMG 10 Series machine is a semi-automatic filling machine designed for the bulk filling of boxes with butter type products. Constructed from food grade stainless steel the machine is equipped with a product compensator directly connected to the filler which ensures a constant and even supply of product between the 3rd party process equipment and the Trepko filler. The PMG-10 machine continually monitors the flow of product from the compensator and can adjust the speed and give feedback to the Trepko filler accordingly. This feedback and adjustment is also used during the CIP process to control the flow of the cleaning agent.

As an alternative it is possible to equip the machine with a double scroll chute arrangement where the scrolls forced the product to the filling head. In this version the carton is filled in the horizontal position, i.e. the carton opening faces the filling head. Once the filling is completed the carton is moved pneumatically through 90°. This system is not integrated with a weighing cell so extra filling must be done manually following automatic filling process.

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