600 Series - bag in box lines

AUTOMATIC CASE ERECTOR - The machine erects corrugated cases and seals the bottom flaps with tape. The system automatically pull the carton from a manually fed carton magazine.

BAG-IN-BOX MAKER & INSERTER -The machine form, seal and cut bags from a reell of gusseted tubing, places the bag into a case, tray or drum and cuffs the bag over the edges.

WEIGH FILLER - The bulk weigh filler has an accurate system with two or four filling valves and integrated weighers. It can fill liquids and semi-liquid products.

BAG-IN-BOX CLOSER & SEALER - The machine un-cuffs a bag in a box clear of the case flaps. Following this the bag opening heat sealed.

Filling capacity: 15 boxes per minute (will decline with tare weight correction)
Product: Butter, butter with vegetable oils, margarine, pasty products
Volume: from 10 to 25 kg
Filling system: Weight filler with shut off valves
Cleaning of filling system: CIP
Packaging material: Cartons with poly liner
Closingtype: Heat sealed HDPE/MDPE film from 38-60 Micron +/- 2 microns
Packaging tolerance: Max. +/- 0,2 mm.