400 Series - flexible container handling systems

The TREPKO 400 series is a range of servo driven flexible container handling systems which can carry out a wide variety of filling and sealing applications.

These machines are designed to handle numerous types of packaging including troublesome parallel sided containers. Recent developments in this series include applications to seal cardboard sandwich packaging, plastic alcoholic beverages and high speed filling lines for the salad industry.

All TREPKO servo conveyors are designed to minimise the number of change parts required between packaging changeovers and therefore maximising production and output. To achieve long term flexibility, on the whole lines are built in a modular format enabling additional assemblies to be added subject to customer requirements.

Trepko servo machines are constructed out stainless steel, this is combined with modern drive systems for a smooth and reliable operation.

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  • a wide variety of filling and sealing applications
  • modular format
  • minimal number of change parts required between packaging changeovers
  • the machine construction allows for the addition of equipment as and when required
  • modern dosing system
  • machines are designed for individual needs
  • available a different size and shape of containers
Number of filler pointsDependent on customer requirements
Number of lanesDependent on customer requirements. Standard range comprises of 1,2,3,4,6,8 and 10 lanes, single or double index
Maxmum output (cups/h)Dependent on number of lanes and product being filled
Max. cup dimensions (mm)Up to 200 mm dia
Min./Max. cup height (mm)Up to 130 mm
Power supplyDependent on machine configuration, typically 415V, 3 Ph + O + E, 50 Hz
Power consumption16 amp supply
Compresed air pressure7 Bar Clean Dry Air
Compresed air consumptionDependent on machine configuration

multi-fill desserts, vodka shots, wine glasses, sandwiches, ready meals, salads, pasty, wipes, contact lenses

  • Container dispense module
  • Bulk container loading assemblies
  • Filling track sections
  • Volumetric filling systems (with standard Trepko options ie. CIP etc.)
  • Sealing systems – both pre-cut and seal from roll stock
  • Clip on overlid assemblies
  • Bulk clip on overlidding assemblies
  • Recipe screen function to allow instant push of the button product changes
  • Single or twin index profiles
  • Modem connection
  • High speed filling lines
  • Sandwich systems
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