300 Series - filling & coagulation plants for U.F. white cheese

TREPKO's 300 series is an automated line for the filling and coagulation of ultra-filtrated (U.F.) white cheese. The line has been designed with flexibility in mind and provides the customer with a trouble-free solution to pack white cheese.

The 300 Series provides a fully automated filling and coagulation process. Depending on the production scale the lines are available in different sizes and achieve outputs up to 10,000 cups/hour for different product volumes.

The combination of mechanical and modern servo technology drives ensures a smooth and reliable production output. Some of the auxiliary movements such as heat sealing and cup separation etc. are driven pneumatically. A PLC controller with a user-friendly touch-screen panel manages all the control functions. Programming of the working parameters can be done directly from the touch-screen.

The 300 Series is a modern, flexible and economical option for packaging of U.F. white cheese. As a result, a user-friendly packaging is obtained therefore allowing the possibility of longer shelf life and opening and closing thus creating a new advantage to the product!

The Line consists of three basic modules:

  • Filling module – responsible for the following functions: cup denesting, UV radiation of cups, anti-stick spray, concentrate and rennet mixing, filling of anti-foam spray and push-over to coagulation tunnel.
  • Coagulation tunnel – cups are discharged from the tunnel and are transferred to an infeed conveyor taking them to the next module. Coagulation of the product takes 20-30 minutes.
  • Salting and closing module – filled cups are placed on a rotary table and then salted. The cups are subsequently closed by a heat sealed foil and a snap-on plastic lid and then discharged onto a conveyor.
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  • modern, flexible and economical option for packaging of U.F. white cheese, flexibility and optional equipment
  • reliability: automation of the packaging process, safe and easy operation, modern drives, mechanical and modern servo technology drives ensures a smooth and reliable operation, low maintenance costs and long life-time
  • innovations: possibility to obtain the user-friendly packaging for U.F. white cheese with a possibility of later easy closing and opening
  • safety: during the packaging process the most stringent hygienic standards are maintained
Number of lanes (closing module) 1 2 3
Portion volume (g) 200,500,1000
Output (k/h)
- portion volume - 200g
- portion volume - 500g
- portion volume - 1000g



Coagulation time (min) 20-40
Compressed air conumption ~ 70 m³/cycle; 0,5 ÷ 0,8 Mpa ~ 80 m³/cycle; 0,6 ÷ 0,7 Mpa
Power supply 3 x 400 V + O + E, 50 Hz, 18 kVA
  • laminar flow cabins
  • UV radiation of cups and foils
  • heating and temperature controls of coagulation tunnel
  • automatic cleaning of the coagulation conveyor
  • cheese cutting device
  • salt dispenser
  • rennet tank
  • CIP return pump (main doser)
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