740 Series - sweep palletiser & gantry robot palletiser

Sweep palletiser & gantry robot palletiser

A modular designed palletiser which can be adapted for both semi or fully automatic operation. The loading height can be at high or low level to allow connection to any existing conveyors.

Packs are collated on an infeed conveyor, row by row, before being transferred to the loading plate by a pneumatic pusher. When a layer is complete, the loading plate seeks the correct level and moves out above the pallet for adjustment to the correct level. Two sweeper arms, one above and one below the loading plate, fix the new layer as well as the previous load, the loading plate then retracts. All movements of the loading table are motor driven.

The palletiser can be equipped with pallet magazine and pallet outfeed conveyors. The machine is easy to fit into an existing factory layout as the pallet magazine, infeed and outfeed conveyors can be placed in several different positions.

Gantry palletiser

The machine can be fitted with different types of lifting tools including vacuum suction cups, grip/clamp and or lifting plates and most products can therefore be handled.

The gantry robot is flexible and can be equipped with automatic pallet handling. In addition to this the machine is easy to fit into an existing factory layout as the pallet magazine and Infeed/Outfeed conveyors can be placed in several different positions.

  • different options of the palletizing system dependent on the type of the packed produkt
  • palletizing different type of product: cases, shrink wrapped trays,trays , cartons
  • possibility of different operation – semi or full automatic operation
  • possibility of equipped with additional equipment, quick and safe changeovers, modular design, machine is easy to fit to floor-space at the customer’s production facilities

Sweep Palletiser

Speedup to 3 layers per minute, depending on laser pattern
Control systemPLC
Electronical connection 4l 5/400 V, 50Hz, 3 phase
Products handledcases, trays, cartons etc., up to 400 mm high
Maximum loadind height2400mm incl. pallet

Gantry Robot Palletiser

Maximum item weigtthe maximum item weight is typically 25kg but depends on the item type and quality, the lifting metod used, speed etc.
Capacityup to 12 cycles per minute depending on the pallet pattern, the size, weight and quality of the items
Control systemS7-300 Siemens PLC
Electrical connection4l 5/400 V, 50Hz, 3 phase – 25 Amp supply required
Air consumption at 6 Bar up to 350 Nl/min
Loading heigh incl. palletup to 2100mm with vacuum head
Pallet sizesall common sizes
Typical products handledcases, shrink wrapped trays, cartons