720 Series - tray erecting machine

Angular, overlaying blanks magazine designed in aluminum with capacity for approx. 165 pcs. of 3 mm B-flute blanks. A special blanks separator prevents more than one blank being pulled down at once. The magazine is fed at chest height, which can take place during operation.

Gentle handling is enabled since the unit works according to the principle of controlled acceleration/deceleration. The drive unit is equipped with safety clutch connected to alarm lamp. An optimum folding sequence with distinct, fixed end positions ensures right-angled packaging. The entire procedure takes place in full view on one level which makes the equipment easily accessible for format changes and maintenance etc.

The control cabinet and hot-melt unit are fixed standing on the side of the machine for easy access. Functional guard, complying with current CE regulations is manufactured in stainless steel.

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  • flexibility: variety of packaged products with different shape and size, possibility of using different patterns on the box, possibility of using different box on the same machine, quick and easy changeover for a different size or shape of box
  • accuracy: gentle handling of packaging material, right – angled packaging
  • safety: guard made to CE specifications, packaging process control, automatic control of application and glue press, drive unit connected to alarm lamp
Maxmum output20 tray/min.
Tray dimension (WxLxHxF1)min. 150x225x50x35
max. 400x500x130x70
Power17 kVa
Control/Pilot system24 V
Air pressure6 bar
Air consumption600 l/min