Service Department

Having highly qualified staff in the Service Department is a great advantage for TREPKO. Our "clients satisfaction and sense of security" is a priority to us therefore any request received is put into effect within 24 hours in Europe and 48 hours worldwide. Due to our staff expertise we can ensure any request, even of a complex nature, is executed quickly and efficiently.

The TREPKO Service Department is in contact with its clients during both the guarantee and post-guarantee period, this helps to maintain permanent contact with the client during the machines lifetime.

In order to meet the requirements of our clients, TREPKO use state-of-the-art solutions within its machines. One of them is the use of a modem which enables error messages to be sent instantly, detailing the problem, to Trepko's main office. This solution enables prompt response from the Service Department and enables them to advise the client by e-mail or telephone and if necessary, arrange an engineers visit.

TREPKO'S Service Department offers its clients a professional programme of technical training. Depending on the client’s requirements, training takes place at TREPKO’s main office during the final production time and during start-up of the machine at the client’s premises. During training on the machine an employee becomes acquainted with the construction, operation and maintenance schedule.