Trepko's great success is attributed to its highly qualified staff. Their experience, knowledge and communication skills plus their ability to work within a group ensures that the company is one of the world's leading providers of complete solutions for packaging machines.

Trepko continually seeks out new employees with specialist knowledge and experience who show good organization skills and commitment to the company.

Trepko currently employs around 700 staff, all of them with a strong impact on company's image.

Trepko encourages staff members to increase their competence and personal development skills. As the company is multi-national free tuition is available, within the office environment, to improve language skills.

In recent years, Trepko has offered financial support to employees who wish to enroll on further education courses to help them improve their professional or general education.

In Trepko a friendly atmosphere and positive working relationship between colleagues is considered important as this furthers the development of the company thus leading to excellent results.

Trepko offer their employees a wide range of benefits. In Poland employees have access to a clinic which provides them with medical services.